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Dr. Coppinger’s HCG Weight Loss Program -
Fast. Sustainable. Safe.

Dr. Imber Coppinger

Dr. Imber Coppinger will guide you safely and effectively through the HCG diet protocol developed in 1940 by Dr. Albert Simeons. Simeons pioneered the use of HCG, a prescription medication that is used to mobilize your abnormal fat stores while suppressing cravings and appetite.

Dr. Coppinger now offers this physician-guided program right here in Athens Ohio.

Affordable Weight Loss Program.

Her program has everything that an expensive clinic has to offer at a fraction of the cost! Clinics can charge up to $3,500 a month for their services.

She brings this amazing 12-week program to you for only $950, and offers a $150 rebate for fully engaging in the program.1

Weight Comes Off Fast!

The program takes weight off fast and targets those difficult places like the belly and thighs, without making you look drawn and pale like other rapid loss programs. You will notice more energy, a profound sense of well being, and a radiant complexion.

Many patients have been able to get off of some or all of their medications during the 12-week program, and nothing could make the doctor happier!

"One of my greatest joys is returning peoples’ bodies to the state where they no longer need medications."

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        1 Attending support group meetings, posting in the on-line group, and/or restorative yoga classes.

"HCG and Lighter Tomorrow was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thank you Dr. Coppinger."

HCG Weight loss athens


"I'm not struggling one bit. I'm treating myself! Today, for lunch, lobster and fresh asparagus! The scales are going down and my self esteem is growing. For me the trick is to treat myself, not deprive myself."

"I lost 25 lbs on the program and a lot of inches. This program is a definate 10. The support you provided, the facebook dialog and the meetings with fellow dieters gave me exactly what I needed to lose the weight. This program was all great."

"I was amazed with the loving and compassionate environment. We laughed A LOT, shared our successes (and occasional setbacks), encouraged one another, and delighted in one another's accomplishments. Dr. Coppinger and her associates gave me the courage and the tools I needed to make a much needed and very positive change in my relationship with food. In a leisurely and mindful way, I began really tasting and thoroughly enjoying meals--including the vegetables!! I lost 20 lbs and 28 inches. Thank you Imber! You are a gift for which I am most grateful!"

"Maintaining my weight is working! I have never had anything work this well in my life ... "

"This is where it get the HCG diet in Athens Ohio. Dr. Imber gave me the support I needed to finally lose weight. The HCG was unbelieveable helpful, but HCG together with the support I got made this program the best thing I have ever done for myself."

"I have tried every diet on the planet and this is the only diet plan that worked for me. I appreciated the practical help Dr. Imber gave me and the support I got from the group."

  • Dr. Simeons reported that people typically enjoy one half pound weight loss per day for women and one pound per day for men.
  • You may even save on your grocery bills, reduce medications, and qualify for better health care rates after completion of the program.
  • Dr. Simeons' protocol may re-set your brain to return your metabolism back to a healthy weight.

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